Shipping Policy

Basic Shipping and Carriers: If shipping is not specified, Blue Thunder will ship the most economical way. Blue Thunder uses both FedEx and UPS shipping carriers. Blue Thunder also can use your carrier shipping account number when shipping, if desired and specified.

Damaged Products: All products leaving Blue Thunder are thoroughly inspected before being packed by our shipping department. Any damage noticed when the product is unpacked should be handled immediately due to the need for timely correspondence between all parties involved in order to ensure that claims are handled properly to receive any reimbursement that may be due.

Listed below are the ways that damaged product should be handled:

  • Blue Thunder will replace any damaged item when the damage was caused by our shipping department. This damage must be validated by Blue Thunder to ensure that the product damage was caused when it was initially made or packaged. If so a new product will be reshipped once the damaged order is returned to Blue Thunder.
  • Blue Thunder will not replace items that are due to negligence or carelessness on behalf of others, such as razor cuts or scissor marks made when opening the package.
  • It is the responsibility of the shipping company to transport the product safely, therefore we ask the buyer not to accept apparently damaged cartons from the carrier upon delivery. Tell the shipping company to return the damaged unopen package to Blue Thunder, so a replacement order can be initiated.
  • If the integrity of the carton is fine but the product appears damaged, please notify Blue Thunder before shipping the damaged product back to Blue Thunder so that both parties are in agreement of the procedure involved.

Delivery time: Allow 2-7 working days for delivery of non-backordered items. Delivery during the Christmas season may require additional shipping days.

Shipping Origin: Cairo, GA (USA)

Consolidated Shipments: Entire order will be shipped together, if possible.

Tracking Number: Blue Thunder can provide you with a tracking number upon request, when your order ships.