About Us

We are “Car Crazy” people. So in 1999, we convinced a local manufacturer of truck and automotive interior drink holders and consoles to let us market their line of products in a web store.

Thus we initiated one of the first web stores of aftermarket automotive drink holders and consoles on the internet. This store now handles the complete line of Classic Consoles products. Blue Thunder AutomotiveTruck and Auto Interior Specialties has built a reputation of excellent customer service over the years.

Blue Thunder believes in offering quality products for the interiors of classic trucks and cars. Classic Consoles is one product line that has met this goal. The workmanship and hand-stitched quality of Classic Consoles armrests drink holders and consoles have impressed our customers in the past. This series of products provide functionality and excellent looks for certain classic truck and car interiors and they are made in the USA. They are fully upholstered in matching automotive grade interior vinyl designed to blend with the original automotive interior colors. These consoles, armrests, and drink holders are designed to be installed and uninstalled in seconds with no permanent alteration needed. This allows the Humphugger™ , Saddle™, Cruiser™, and Wingrider™ consoles as well as the Plug & Chug™ drink holders to be used and enjoyed while cruising and participating in classic car and truck shows. Most of these products can be removed in seconds for that original look! . . . and reinstalled in seconds for the cruise home.

If you possess a classic, we look forward to offering you attractive functional products for your classic that increases your driving pleasure.