MOPAR B Body HumpHugger Console 1962-1977


  • Stylish & Useful Features
  • USB Port
  • No tools needed, No permanent changes to your interior.
  • Part No. MOPARBHH-6277


MOPAR B Body HumpHugger Console, packed with stylish and functional features that will modernize the interior of your car. Designed to fit cars with automatic or manual transmissions, the console sits on the transmission tunnel between the front factory bucket seats.

Fully upholstered, it comes complete with two large Drink Holders, USB charging port,  comfortable armrest with storage beneath. Installation is fast and easy! No tools needed, No permanent changes to your interior. Console slides down between the bucket seats and rests on the transmission tunnel. Removal of the factory console is necessary if your vehicle is equipped with this feature.

Two Tone color options are available, please call or email for details.

Fits models/years:

  • Dodge 220: 1963-64
  • Dodge 330: 1963-64
  • Dodge 440: 1963-64
  • Dodge Belvedere: 1962-70
  • Dodge Charger: 1966-1974
  • Dodge Coronet: 1965-76
  • Dodge Dart: 1962
  • Dodge Polara: 1962-64
  • Dodge Satellite: 1965-74
  • Plymouth Fury: 1962-64
  • Plymouth Fury: 1975-77
  • Plymouth GTX: 1967-71
  • Plymouth Roadrunner: 1968-75

Made in the USA

MOPAR B Body Cruiser Console

Part No. MOPARHH-6277
Price: $165.00